perjantai 2. elokuuta 2013

Today´s food - lemon baked salmon and salad


Today is a fish day, you should eat fish twice a week...hmmm I wonder if once every other week is enough?

There are lots of different kinds of fish at the markets. You got pike-perch, salmon, herring, pike, bass and many, many more. But if salmon is the only that goes, picky picky.....

So salmon it is! This time with lemon.

You need 2-3 lemons, salmon, salt and pepper. Prepare the salmon, pick the bones away. Put it skin down on baking tray. Add salt and pepper on top, slice the lemons and cover the fish with lemon slices.

Put the tray in to a preheated oven 180 degrees celsius and let it bake for 20-30 min.

In the oven
Enjoy with salad of choice.

Very simple but what a taste!!!

Easy, quick and perfect for summer!


The beginning of autumn

The start of new school year is round the corner. I'm going back to work same time. For now I'm enjoying my vacation by doing what I want.

I've been thinking to start a blog for a long time, I want to share my favorite recepies, diy's, photos and get some ideas and inspiration from you.
So, here it's, my first blog. I'm hungry for your comments, ideas and critic.

I'm going to make posts on various things, cooking, taking photos, baking, knitting and crafting. You can also come with themes for posting, challenges and so on.

I spend many hours searching for inspiration in Pinterest (here are my pins) though I don´t always do the things I pin I like the idea that I have a resource bank in my back pocket to dig in when I´m bored or when I want to do something " don´t know what".
The time spent in Pinterest is something I see as a positive thing, I get something from it, ideas and instructions and so on. So instead of playing all day long on some farm game I´m actually making some use.

Courtesy of: BCN2013

FINA World Championships 2013 Barcelona, Spain

I´m watching swimming from television, it´s the world championships from Barcelona, Spain. I have always enjoyed watching the effortless movement by swimmers. They seem to do so little and yet they move forward very fast.

Here is a link to results and news:

Taiu Kunimoto

Katie Ledecky is "The Next Big Thing" as an American long-distance swimmer.

torstai 1. elokuuta 2013

Homemade cheese!!

Now it´s ready!!

it´s soft, yummy and I just can´t have enough of it.

The recepie for making this cheese is here.

Leave comments if you made it and liked it. :)

Breakfast buns

Makes 20
225° c  -  437° f

You will need:

½ l water or milk
50 g dried yeast
5 dl oatmeal
½ tsb salt
½ dl syrup
n.7 dl flour ( i used wholegrain)
50 g melted butter
sesame seeds, sunflower seeds etc.
2 tea towel 2 baking tray lined with greaseproof paper 1 bowl 1 brush

Put the dried yeast in the bowl with the liquid which should be 35-40 degrees celsius. Add the oatmeals and stir. Cover the bowl completely with a tea towel/plastic bag and let it rise for 20 min in a warm place.

When the dough is bubbling, you can add the remaining ingredients and knead for about 1 minute until the dough gets a soft texture. It´s going to be a little sticky, don´t add flour.

Bake the dough straight away into buns and then cover the buns and let them rise for 10-20 min.
After 20 minutes have passed, or when the buns have doubled in size we need to prepare them before baking.

Using a brush, generously coat each of the buns with the egg wash/water or milk. Then sprinkle over the sesame seeds/sunflower seeds etc.

Place the baking tray in the centre of the oven and bake the buns for 10-12 minutes.